Ideal person essay

Ren believed in the Golden Rule. There were instances where she felt like God had forgotten her and even questioned whether God really existed. We often make mistakes as well, and being able to forgive ourselves is key to having a healthy relationship with what we consider to be us.

If you are doing something that you would not like to have done to you, then you should not do that action. One of the traits of great leaders is that they always give people hope when there seems to be none.

An ideal person through the eyes of Confucius would follow the rules of Heaven and obey Heavens will. When an ideal person is not around, his absence is felt and people miss him.

The Ideal Person Essay

This means that no matter that the situation or who is around, you always do the appropriate thing. The several setbacks she faced however did not deter her from moving on with her course. These virtues are ren, li, shu, xiao, and wen. Therefore, an ideal person is Ideal person essay who possesses all character traits that are considered virtues in society.

However, she never left her catholic faith. While there are things we cannot change about ourselves, such as height, intelligence, race or size of our fingers, there are other factors in our lives that we can change and they are the ones that really matter.

Mother Teresa was a staunch catholic. Jen is defined as human heartedness, goodness, benevolence, and that which gives human beings their humanity.

When Pope Paul VI saw the good work she was doing and decided to give her his white Lincoln limousine to help her carry out her work, She sold the vehicle and used the money to build a village for lepers.

Owing to her resourcefulness, she was able to use her limited resources to help so many people. Ren is the virtue of being sympathy and empathy. Wen believed in the arts of peace, music, poetry, art, and virtue. Wen deals with the art of maintaining peace with other people and one-self, which leads to feelings of harmony.

People rushed to her for comfort and assistance and she always found a way to help them. The Five Relationships come from kindness, rectitude, decorum, wisdom, and sincerity. With all the poverty and misery that surrounded her, she always had the strength to put on a smile.

Each one of these virtues plays a particular role in the bigger picture of becoming the ideal person.An ideal person put the needs of other first and strives to bring joy to the people around him every single day.

An ideal person is hard to come by and sometimes we overlook him as the naïve guy next door. Ideal Person There are many ways to describe the perfect person. If someone were to ask me what the ideal person is, I would say that the ideal person is one who has strong virtues, is a morally sound person, understand himself and others, helpful, and respectful.

Each individual has his or her own idea of who an ideal person is.

My Ideal Person Essay

In the context of this essay, the aspects of this person would follow his or her character or personality, rather than their situation, money, age, and other mundane particulars. An ideal person through the eyes of Confucius would follow the rules of Heaven and obey Heavens will.

Thus by adhering to the rules of Heaven that person would be morally attuned. Ideal Job Betty Stokes SLS Week 1 Individual Work 2 Write a two-page description of your ideal job.

Spend time letting your imagination conjure up a specific picture of Words; 3 Pages; Ideal School When a teacher can be more personally involved in each student's life, the city. In an ideal school there is a peaceful atmosphere.

My Ideal father essaysMy father, a man with a great personality and great thoughts, taught me deciplins and importance of life. He is the best father one can have. He is 6 feet tall and has a mustache.

Ideal person essay
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